Our Markets


Lighting and Rigging Systems Theaters & Convention Centers. SDS designs, installs, trains and provides repair and maintenance of technological installations.


For both Network broadcast and local cable access, SDS Project, supplies and installs, studio lighting, electrical and rigging systems, work with a group of engineers which you projects which include a full service including Video, Sound & Post productions systems.


We have experience in projects where we were able to design, install and provide after sales services, we offer programming and operation of events.


Architectural, Museum & Banquet Halls.

SDS working closely with designers, producers, programmers, engineers and production managers to ensure that we address the individual needs of a project, provide our diverse client base the highest level of service and support. We offer expertise in each and every market segment we serve.

SDS works with special architectural lighting applications or the need for a control system of high-speed Ethernet throughout the building, we have a wide selection of LED products and offer the best of our proposals trying to meet 100% the needs of our customers.

Banquet Halls lights

Museum Lights

Architectural Lights